Al Haya Investments

A global investment company passionate about value creation.

About Us

Al HAYA Investments is a global alternative investment company that uses its own institutional capital to finance investments.

Al HAYA takes an active role in the companies in its portfolio, creating value through a global buy-and-build platform strategy.

Al HAYA partners with international management teams to improve the strategic, operational and financial performance of the companies it invests in.

Our vision is to build a global investment powerhouse.


Our deal team focuses on growth through acquisitions, portfolio improvement and synergy, while ensuring that robust operational management teams are in place to concentrate on organic growth. This is how we deploy our proprietary relevancy matrix to produce excellent returns for our shareholders and co-investors.

Our team of industry experts consists of professionals with over 500 combined years’ experience in the fields of investment, strategy and business operations.

Our industry experts work in specialist teams focusing on the following sectors: healthcare, education, financial services, financial technology (FinTech), commodities, real estate, debt and portfolio improvement.

Investment Strategy

Al HAYA focuses not only on building a portfolio of companies, but it also takes an active role in those companies, thus creating value through a global buy-and-build strategy.

Al HAYA implements numerous direct investments across different markets and sectors worldwide. It concentrates on creating long-term value in industries where it has considerable knowledge, such as international real estate, healthcare, financial services and education.

Al HAYA’s innovative investments generate high returns, substantial income, and significant wealth growth for both institutional and private investors.